March 15

The opportunity mindset


The job market isn’t geared up for career changers. If you want a change of direction, you’re going against the current. You’re fighting against your current career trajectory. Like a rocket leaving earth’s orbit. It’s up to you to make it happen.

Your employer won’t assume you want change and support you to do it. They want you to stay, grow and develop in the career path you’re already in. Likewise with agencies. You are most valuable to them when you’re moving within your existing career path, when they can charge a good fee for introducing you to a client, who will see the value of your experience.

Opportunities don't happen you create them quote by Chris Grosser

Contacts, friends, family. They will assume you’re happy, until you tell them otherwise.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who assume that change will somehow happen naturally.  Without putting themselves out there, being proactive, getting outside their comfort zone. Trying new things and seeking out new people. Actually DOING things.

But that’s putting a lot of faith in the universe sorting out your life and making it what you really want. 

What can you do this week to create the change you want?

Need help making your career change happen? Find out more about how career change coaching can help you get moving in the right direction and make your desire for a career change happen.


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