Lead, inspire and create impact

Do you want to have a greater impact at work? Do you need to find new ways to lead and inspire your team, or deal with change? Are you tired of fire-fighting and want to focus on more important strategic challenges?

Being a leader is difficult. It can be lonely, and creating the space to consider new ideas, solutions and ways of working is challenging. After all, you're the leader; shouldn't you have all the answers?

Executive coaching creates thinking space for you to consider your current challenges, and find the right way forward. Such challenges can be as diverse as:

  • Transition into new leadership roles
  • Career development
  • Confidence
  • Personal impact and effectiveness
  • Effective communication
  • Managing your time and energy
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Resilience
  • Delegation and empowering your team
  • Managing through periods of organisational change
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How I can help

I'm Scott Foley, for over 15 years I’ve been helping people face challenges in their work, make a greater impact in their organisation, develop their leadership skills, and find career fulfilment.

I have extensive coaching experience in the public sector, having worked in higher education for 20 years and coached individuals at senior level in a range of organisations including education, NHS and local government. 

I also have experience coaching individuals across a range of industries in the private sector. 

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How does executive coaching work?

Executive coaching helps you to challenge your present thinking, identify ‘blind spots’ which you may not have considered, gain a different perspective and find new solutions so you can be a more effective leader within your organisation.

I use an integrated coaching approach which draws on methods from the following fields: cognitive behavioural (the foundation of my coach training), transactional analysis, mindfulness, gestalt and psychodynamic. As a result, my coaching supports you in moving past more stubborn and subconscious barriers to change, e.g. confidence, handling challenging and stressful situations in new ways, behavioural change, building resilience. 

I also use many other approaches and techniques which support you and the goals you wish to achieve through coaching.

Executive coaching is a completely bespoke programme designed around your needs. At the start we discuss the challenges you need to deliver against, evaluate the areas where coaching support would be most helpful and devise a programme to help you achieve your goals.

Let's talk 

If you would like to get some support with your current challenges, why not get in touch to arrange a coaching consultation? We'll discuss what's happening for you at the moment, explore some ideas for how you can move forward, and discuss how I could help if you wanted to take it further. It's completely free.

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Client feedback


Head of Alumni Development

Scott was my coach for the last year or so, as I needed some help with the challenges that came with a new role, particularly around leading teams with confidence. We met a number of times over the space of about 9 months and each time Scott listened attentively, asked the searching questions that helped me think about things in different ways and gave me lots of really useful tools to take away and use. I certainly feel that spending time with Scott has helped me to tackle the issues I brought to him, and I feel much more confident as a result. Thanks Scott!



Working with Scott has been really valuable for me. I was at a point of transition in my career when we met - leaving a business I had set-up in order to start new work and pursue different opportunities. Scott helped me reflect on my strengths and what I had learnt... These reflections have been really useful and I’ve used them to shape my direction and the work I am undertaking now.


MBA Assistant Director

Scott is an excellent coach. Very approachable, a great listener, confidential and most importantly offers great advice and insight. He recently supported me during a career transition phase, and I would highly recommend him as a coach.

Dr Mitchell

Senior Clinical Lecturer & Research Fellow

So pleased to get this opportunity to have time working with Scott for career coaching at a point in my working life when I felt I was struggling to juggle many things and be clear about my career direction. Scott was able to support me thinking through my various competing priorities, what was important to me and help me reflect on how I could focus better. Having the time out to think about things, discuss, be challenged and the many top tips Scott gave me was incredibly useful. I came away from every session with a few key pointers that I was able to act on, stick to and they have made a real difference to both my everyday working life, interpersonal connections and career direction

Dr Patel

Consultant and Clinical Senior Lecturer

I cannot recommend coaching sessions with Scott highly enough. Scott coached me when I was facing some difficult situations at work and felt like my motivation and drive was stagnating. Scott used different models and techniques to help me realise my strengths, passions and ambitions. The impact of Scott’s coaching has been that I feel my work now has more focus, direction and fulfilment. Even after our first session, I had much more self-awareness around the roles I have in my work and personal life. I would recommend Scott to anyone who wants to develop, or find more fulfilment in their career. 


School Operations manager

I started a new role as a manager and I had the one driving thought that “I wanted to be a good manager” however I didn’t understand how I could measure this. I met Scott a month into my new role and it became evident that I needed to set objectives and start to understand how to self-reflect. As Scott and I worked on my objectives I received a deeper understanding of my behaviour and found the real drivers behind my idea of a “good manager”. Dealing with these has helped me enormously and it’s really been a journey of understanding, helping me through some challenging line management times. I have learnt to be patient and fully understand a situation before making decisions. I cannot recommend Scott highly enough.


Professional Development Consultant 

When I started the 1-1 coaching with Scott, I was ready to make a change in my career but lacked the necessary self-awareness, clarity and direction to take next steps. I highly recommend Scott because the sessions have been a revelation in many ways. Under his guidance not only was I able to clearly identify and build on my strengths, moreover he encouraged me to explore professional development options that I had not considered before and provided me with extremely useful practical support in terms of tailoring my CV and building my networks. Scott has given me the springboard that I needed and I am very grateful for his continuous support.


School Administration 

Scott undoubtedly helped me realise and achieve my goal which was to progress within my department. The advice, encouragement and coaching Scott gave me was valuable and allowed me to freely express and think about what I wanted to do and how I should get there. If it wasn’t for Scott I very much doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Frequently Asked Questions about executive coaching

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a tailored process designed to support leaders, managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. It provides them with a dedicated space to explore their challenges, think critically, and identify effective solutions to enhance their leadership skills.

Who can benefit from executive coaching?

Senior managers, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone in a leadership role looking to enhance their personal and professional impact can greatly benefit from this coaching.   

I'm already in a leadership role; why would coaching be useful for me?

Leadership is a continuous journey, and no one has all the answers. Even the most seasoned leaders can benefit from an external perspective, identifying blind spots, and exploring new strategies.

How does executive coaching differ from other forms of coaching?

Executive coaching is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by those in leadership roles, such as transitioning to new roles, managing organisational change, and improving personal effectiveness.

What are some common areas of focus during coaching sessions?

Topics can range from transitioning into new leadership roles, enhancing personal impact, time and energy management, to effective delegation and team empowerment.

How is the coaching process initiated?

We begin by discussing and understanding your specific challenges. From there, we evaluate which areas you'd like support in, and then design a bespoke coaching programme to help you achieve your goals. 

Is the coaching program flexible?

Absolutely. The executive coaching program is designed around your needs. As challenges and priorities evolve, so can our coaching focus.

How can coaching help me see my ‘blind spots’?

Through thoughtful questioning, reflection, and feedback, coaching can shed light on areas you may not have previously considered or recognised, helping you gain new perspectives and insights. 

How long is a typical coaching engagement?

The duration varies depending on your needs and challenges, but is usually a minimum of several months, up to 12 months or more. After our initial discussion, we'll be able to recommend an appropriate timeframe for our engagement. 

Is the information I share during coaching sessions confidential?

Yes, all information discussed during our sessions remains confidential. Building trust is paramount, and I am committed to ensuring your privacy and confidence.