Interview coaching

We all want to perform at our best in an interview, but it can feel like an elusive art.

Trying to predict what questions you will be asked. Describing your experience and skills so they match what the recruiter is looking for and appear relevant. Giving the right examples to show the recruiter that you are the right candidate. Feeling confident, relaxed and managing any nerves you might be feeling.

Your interview preparation is key in performing well. It makes the difference between a confident, clear communicator, and someone who doesn't look like they understand the role or why they are the right person for that organisation.

Get expert support to prepare for your interview

I'm Scott Foley. For over 20 years I've helped hundreds of clients like you prepare for interviews, and get their dream job. 

I've coached new graduates through to senior level executives. I've had experience as a recruiter, and have worked with many recruiters from a wide range of industries, large international companies as well as startups, so I understand what they are looking for and good practice for candidates going into interviews. I take a tailored approach, enabling you to identify not only what to expect in your interview, but also what strengths and experience to draw on in your answers. 

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How interview coaching can help you

In interview coaching you will learn:

  • How to effectively show your interest and motivation for the role
  • How to confidently respond to a wide range of interview questions, including competency, values and situational
  • How to use the STAR technique to share your skills and experience in an impactful way
  •  Strengths based interviewing techniques and how to deal with strengths questions
  • Evidence based techniques for boosting your confidence and handling interview nerves

Mock interviews

Interview coaching sessions can also be used as a practice interview, or mock interview. Practising your interview technique can help you by rehearsing how you talk about your skills, motivation and experience. Mock interviews are tailored towards the jobs you are applying for, so they feel realistic and help you practice in a safe and constructive environment for the real interview. 

I provide feedback to help you understand what you do well in interviews, and which areas you can work on to improve your interview performance. This can help you adapt your responses and which personal examples you talk about so that your answers are heard by your interviewers as relevant, confident and powerful.

My interview coaching includes:

  • 1 hour sessions via Zoom with daytime and evening availability
  • A review of your interview preparation and areas you may need to focus on
  •  Time in the session to discuss the job criteria, and identify questions you may be asked
  •  Coaching on how to provide evidence of your skills, experience and motivation in an effective way
  • Help in identifying the right personal examples to use when answering questions 
  • A supportive environment where you can practice responding to interview questions
  • A list of example interview questions tailored to the job or industry you are applying for, to help you prepare
  • Detailed and constructive feedback to help you improve your preparation and interview performance 

Client feedback

My interview coaching has helped clients secure their dream jobs. I'm proud to have helped them achieve this, and to receive their feedback:

Scott's help with my CV helped me land an interview with a prestigious company and after his interview coaching, I was able to approach the interview with confidence. I was offered my choice of 2 positions within the company! 


Scott is a brilliant coach and I would highly recommend his services. The sessions are very constructive and he really goes the extra mile to provide support. I have successfully secured two new roles over the years following excellent interview preparation sessions with Scott.


Scott has totally turned how I feel about job-searching, CV construction and interviews on their head. He's helped me develop my confidence to a point where it's never been before and I feel ready for anything. I can't recommend him and his programme enough. 


If you have questions or would like to discuss your situation before going ahead with coaching, please contact me. You are also welcome to arrange a free coaching consultation.