March 10

Talking yourself out of making a career change


Does part of you want a career change, but part of you is scared to actually do it?

Many of the clients I work with feel stuck. They are unhappy in their work, and have tried to explore new options, but something holds them back.

It’s as though there are two parts of you, and one really wants something different. This part might not be all that rational. It may be a feeling that something needs to change. A sinking feeling on a Sunday evening, before work the next day. It may be a gut instinct to get out, or a desire to do something that brings you more joy. Beyond that, it’s probably not that clear what you actually want to do instead of this.

Then a rational you kicks in. What the hell am I thinking? I’m lucky to be where I am. If I left, I would ruin my career. No job is perfect, right? The pay is good. I’ve worked really hard to get here, is that all for nothing?

Before long, that rational voice talks you out of making the change you want.

For a while. The other part is still there. So what do you do, bury it? Ignore it? Or flip flop back and forward, uncertain what to do?

If that sounds like you, then you might want to find out more about how career change coaching can help you. When I work with clients we use a structured process to help you work out what you really want, and to help you move forward in the right way so you aren’t going round in circles. Find out more about career change coaching here.


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