November 23

Seeking career advice from the right sources


One reason you can feel so stuck when trying to change career direction, is if you’re getting career advice and input from the wrong sources. Unless those you consult have made the change you want, they can’t speak as knowledgeably about what’s possible or help guide you. 

For a good part of my life I’ve been risk averse. I’ve often played it safe. And a large part of that has been my upbringing. Feet on the ground. Stick with what you know. Take the security offered, rather than risk the unknown. But when you need a change, these voices can keep you stuck in a place where you’re unhappy but can’t bring yourself to do anything about it. 

You need new positive voices to help you make the change you want. Whose will they be?

Are there people doing the jobs you’re interested in that you could speak to for information and advice?

Who has made a big change in their life that you can seek inspiration from?

Career change coaching can also be valuable source of support, encouragement and advice in making your change. Contact me if you’d like to discuss where you’re at right now, what you’re feeling stuck with, and how I can help.


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