August 28

How to create ideas for a career change


Are you struggling to create ideas for a career change?

That’s not surprising. Often very focused on what we want to leave and get away from, rather than having a clear vision of a new career we want to move towards. Creating ideas for a career change is often the last thing on our minds.

But research shows that having a clear direction toward a new career is more likely to result in success than wanting to get AWAY from your current career. So building a picture of your options and possible future really helps.

Ideas for a career change wish you were here postcard

There’s a useful exercise called Postcard from the Future which can help you start creating ideas for a career change, not specific jobs that you might do but more what you want your future career to look like and feel like. If you want to give this a try, here’s what you do:

1. Imagine you’ve received a postcard. It’s from you, but not the you of today. It’s from you five years from now. The career change you want has happened, even though you might wonder if it’s possible right now.

2. Picture what it’s like there in the future. You’re enjoying it, it’s where you want to be. Don’t worry about what job title you have. Where are you? How would you describe this place? What about the things you’re doing, the environment you’re working in, the people you’re working with? How does it feel to be there?

3. Write these points on your ‘postcard’.

Hopefully you’re now a bit clearer on what you’re looking for, and is giving you some ideas for a career change. But don’t stick this in the drawer and forget about it. Create a vision board and look at it every day. Set yourself daily reminders – how can I make this vision happen? Revisit and update your vision regularly. 

Useful? Let me know how you get on. I’m available if you need some support or would like to discuss your present situation and what kind of future you want. If you’re really not sure where to start and need to create some ideas for a career change, please contact me.


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