August 26

Finding a new career – is luck on your side?


Are you creating your own luck, or missing opportunities when it comes to finding a new career direction?

The people you talk to are incredibly important in finding a new career direction, or developing your career. Give them enough information about yourself to be memorable. Share your aims and interests. Help them join the dots so that when they hear about opportunities or contacts that might be of interest, you come to mind.

There’s a good article in Harvard Business Review which is relevant to those who want to find a new career path or explore new opportunities. It talks about two different strategies when networking, ‘Hooks’ and ‘Bombs’.  Hooks are memorable or engaging talking points, like the fact that you have an interest in Italy, or you love connecting people, or have a real passion for mid-century design.

Bombs are speculative approaches to people you normally don’t speak or wouldn’t speak to, to invite them to a conversation – think sharing ideas with someone in a different department, or someone who does a similar role to you in a different industry.

How could you create your own luck while exploring a new career?

Networking and making contacts is something I support clients with. It doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but with the right approach it can be extremely successful in creating new opportunities, and in gaining insight into a new career path you could follow.

If you’d like some help with creating contacts that can help you with your career change, you can find out more below about how I can support you with career change coaching.

Career coaching support

Would you like support in working out what career direction is right for you?

For over 15 years I've helped professionals who feel stuck in their career to find work they love. Find out more about how I can help you.


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