Are you thinking about a career change, but feel stuck?

Changing career isn’t easy, and one of the top 3 obstacles facing you is uncertainty about what the future could look like. Without having an idea of what else you could do, it’s easy to go round in circles, or even talk yourself out of making a change at all. 

Research shows that having a vision of what you want greatly increases your chances of success. In this 1-hour session we help you become clear on what you’re really looking for. We’ll explore what’s not working for you at the moment, what you’d like your future to look like and what’s stopping you from getting there.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The most important factors in making a career change, and assess where you are against these
  • The biggest obstacles to career change and how to get past them
  • What’s missing for you in your career, and what you’re really looking for

You’ll also receive a 30 minute follow up call after 30 days to review your progress.

Start creating your career vision

This is a special 1:1 bespoke session designed to help you create some direction in your career change and understand what to do to make it a success. 

The Career Change Strategy Session is £99. To book:

  1. Make payment via the PayPal link below
  2. Once you've made payment, contact me to arrange a date for your session,
  3. Before the day, we'll discuss where you need support so you can get the most from the session.
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