Do you want to make a change in your career?

Many talented professionals feel they’ve taken the wrong career track but, despite a lack of job satisfaction, are reluctant to make a change.

Once upon a time they enjoyed what they do. But constant pressure, an increasing workload and rising stress are sucking the joy away. They've given everything to their job, including evenings (and even weekends) when they could have been having a life. Things feel too far out of balance. And the work… it just isn’t satisfying anymore.

Does that sound like you?

Professionals in this situation often know deep down that they want out, but feel trapped. They’ve invested a lot of themselves to get where they are now. Do they really want to walk away from that? They worry about how they will pay the bills, what on earth a new career would look like, and what if they aren't successful?

Shouldn’t there be more to your career than this?

I've been in that unhappy place and know exactly how it feels. I've since made changes of direction in my own career, including photography, careers work, being an author, and coaching. I want to help you achieve the change you want too.

Career change is possible

One of the great things about working with a coach is the clarity and direction it brings when you need to make a career change or transition. People I’ve worked with tell me that it’s really useful to have structure so it feels like you’re making some progress. To find other ways of looking at things so what seems to be a brick wall stopping you, no longer feels like that. And it brings confidence to know there’s someone in your corner cheering you on when you don’t think you can do it.

My career coaching programmes support you through 4 important stages:

Your career change journey


Working out what you really want from your career.


Creating options and exploring what your new future could look like.


Which options are best for you and how you can get there


You take positive and supported steps toward your new career.

Choose your level of support

Career Change Strategy Session (1 hour)

Chess pieces career strategy

This 1-hour session will help you understand what you’re really looking for from a career change. We’ll explore what’s not working for you at the moment, what you’d like your future to look like and what’s stopping you from getting there. Find out more about my Career Change Strategy Sessions.

Career Voyager Programme (2 months)

A 2-month guided programme to help you identify what your new fulfilling career needs to look like. We’ll explore what you enjoy, your strengths and existing experience and how you can use these in a future role. We’ll also start to explore possible options you can consider. Contact me to find out more about the Career Voyager Programme.

Career Transition Programme (5 months)

A 5-month programme which will support you through your career change from picturing what your new career needs to look like, to creatively exploring your options, planning how to get there and then making it happen! Contact me to find out more about the Career Transition Programme.

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